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How to create your own thesis cover


On this page I explain how you can create a neat thesis cover. Bookmarker included. I have made a template that works in most cases. You can tweak this template at your liking. The template can be found at step 3.

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What's the result?

A print-ready cover + bookmarker including the logo of your university and an isbn-barcode.

Preview cover bookmarker thesis template Preview cover bookmarker thesis template Preview cover bookmarker thesis template Preview cover bookmarker thesis template


  • Your thesis has a (standard)format of 24 cm x 17 cm (with a bookmarker of 23 cm x 17 cm)
  • Your thesis has between 100 and 180 pages
  • Your thesis has a soft cover (a bendable cover)

How does it work?

1. Download Scribus

First download Scribus. Scribus is an open source desktop publishing-program with which you can edit the template. A kind of open source Adobe Indesign. Why Scribus? It's free and works on most operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux). https://www.scribus.net/downloads/stable-branch/.

When installing Scribus you'll get asked to install Ghostscript. Ghostscript can be found here: https://www.ghostscript.com/download/gsdnld.html (Ghostscript is needed for certain previews in Scribus)

2. Install Roboto Condensed

Install the free Google font Roboto Condensed: https://fonts.google.com/download?family=Roboto%20Condensed .

3. Download thesis-cover-template.zip

Download thesis-cover-template.zip Included in this ZIP-file:

  • Omslag.sla (Scribus-file with editable cover)
  • universiteit.eps (Example university logo)
  • isbn.eps (Example ISBN-barcode)
  • achtergrond.jpg (Example background image)

4. Replace universiteit.eps with the logo of your university

Click on your university logo to download the EPS-file.

Todo: Update logo TU/e to new version. I can't reach this file on the intranet 🤔 ( TUe_visuele_identiteit_final.pdf). Can you? Then please e-mail the PDF to thesis@albertwieringa.nl! Much appreciated!

5. Replace isbn.eps with your ISBN-barcode

Insert your ISBN and press 'Generate ISBN-barcode'. A EPS-file will be generated with your ISBN-barcode. Save the file ( isbn.eps ) in in the same folder as the other files.

6. Edit omslag.sla

Open omslag.sla with Scribus and change the texts, colors and images to suit your style.

7. Export the file to PDF

Most printshops need a PDF-file including a bleed of 5 millimeter. Use these settings to export the file:

  1. Choose export as PDF
  2. Tabblad General > Compatibility: PDF 1.4 (Acrobat 5)
  3. Tabblad General > Embed PDF & EPS files
  4. Tabblad Pre-press > Use document bleeds

Tab General Export Scribus Tab Pre-press Export Scribus

Congratulations! You now have a print ready PDF-file!

Todo: Where can I print my thesis? I have a good experience with Gildeprint
Todo: How to find/create a good background image?
Todo: How can I change my spine-width

Ik verbeter deze pagina nog altijd. Heb je tips, suggesties of vragen? Of wil je je gemaakte thesis-cover delen met mij delen? Of me gewoon bedanken ;) ? Stuur gerust een mailtje naar thesis@albertwieringa.nl!

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